About Dganit


Dganit Greier was born in 1951 in Tel Aviv, Israel. From a young age, Dganit was fascinated by the Jewish tradition and the ambivalence created between it and modern Israeli culture. Discovering she had an artistic voice deserving of expression, she began investigating the fine line between the Jewish heritage and her current beliefs.

Dganit chose to develop her artistic abilities in the Academy of Arts in Florence, Italy, Where she graduated in 1972. She then moved on to study with S.W. Hayter in Atelier 17, Paris, France, where she learned to master various etching techniques.

Following her time in Paris, Dganit moved to the United States, and worked at the Art Students League in NYC with the esteemed Prof. Seong Moy. Being drawn back to her roots in Judaism, she also began teaching Jewish arts in Jewish culture centers in the city and its surroundings.

At the age of 35 Dganit moved back to Israel and began teaching intuitive art, applying her knowledge and experience to the field of art therapy. Soon after Dganit found herself in the midst of a prosperous, rewarding career in the field of alternative therapy, but had never forgotten about her one true love – the arts. At the age of 55 Dganit reclaimed her artistic path, continuing to deal with previous focal points and influences; her own individual statement was created by maintaining her Jewish roots while acknowledging her personal perspective.

Nowadays, living in Venice, Florida, USA, Dganit has not neglected her career as a therapist, yet she continues to develop her artistic facet. In addition to her lifelong experience in the field of art, dealing with the never-ending battle between one’s inner-self and society and the profound details of the agony and suffering of the weak, Dganit has also focused on modern, unconventional interpretations of the Old Testament, presenting a new and original voice for ancient tales of love, hurt and spirituality.